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Kat Whitledge Basics & Bespoke designs and produces clothing in Vermont with a Sustainable, Slow Fashion focus. The Slow Fashion movement may seem new, but it is as old as clothing. Slow Fashion returns people to a real consideration of what we wear and how it is made. At KWBB, we produce clothing that is made to measure and timeless in design. Our pieces are all created and sourced locally, resulting in clothing art pieces that you’ll own and enjoy for many years.

A note on “Basics”: Yes, the word is included in our name for a reason. Creating and selling a modern “basics” line has always been part of the vision here. Someday soon you’ll be able to purchase sleek, utilitarian, and unisex Kat Whitledge basics to compliment your bespoke items. Check back early and often for more word on this.

How It Works

First time customers will have a personal, private consultation about what type of clothing you like, what feels and looks good to you. We will create a file with your measurements and particular likes and dislikes. If you are coming with a specific vision for an article of clothing in mind, you will discuss this vision with your tailor.

Then, you will be asked to try on some muslin models of clothing styles that appeal to you. The muslin model that best suites will be “tailored” to fit you and your new article of clothing will be produced using this muslin. You can choose from fabrics in the atelier or we can find a special fabric for you.

Is bespoke clothing expensive? Depending on what fabrics you choose, your tailor-made, or bespoke, piece of clothing can be purchased for a price that is comparable to a well-made "off-the-rack" garment.

Visiting a bespoke tailor is a new and special experience for many. As we’ve grown, we’ve found that the bespoke experience can be seriously refreshing (if not at sometimes truly healing) for people whose bodies, tastes, or other human proclivities are not traditionally served by mainstream or fast fashion retailers. For clothing that honors your body and style as much as it honors the design and creation process, bespoke is best.

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